8 Ways to Improve Long Journeys

8 Ways to Improve Long Journeys

 8 Ways to Improve Long Journeys

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Most of us drive, and all of us from time to time have to travel long journeys. The problem with long journeys is boredom. Whether your travelling as a family, couple or on business the longer you travel the more boredom you'll experience, and that's almost a certainty. Travelling with kids in the car can be especially tedious, especially if they're at the age when they argue and fight.

Combating boredom can make the journey much more enjoyable and go much faster, listed below are several methods of combating boredom when travelling, especially on long journeys.

1) Playing games. There are loads of games that can be played when travelling and the more creative the better. Simple games like the roadside alphabet game are simple, easy to play and keep kids (or adults) involved and entertained for hours. The key to playing games is to get organised, find the games you want to play in advance, swap and change the games regularly to keep them fresh. Print them off and keep in the glove box for future journeys.

2) Mobile Computers. We live In a generation of mobile entertainment, computers systems are truly mobile whether it be via laptops or PC's built into vehicles. Computing can be done easily and efficiently while on the move. The invention of systems like the Sony PSP and Nintendo DS are also designed exactly for this demand from modern lifestyles. A simple in car adapter for these systems will keep the battery topped up for as long as you like.

3) Video screens. Video screens can be installed into the vehicle entertainment systems that provide DVD playback. A particularly useful device if your passengers love films. Bring along you favourite DVD's and you have hours of fun at the touch of a button. The only problem that will occur is the choice of DVD!

4) iPod Car Kits. It seems that everybody has an iPod these days. Why not connect it to your stereo and have full control of it while your driving. Playing all of your favourite music and albums will certainly make the time pass quicker than listening to the radio.

5) POI - Points of interest. Many Sat Navs come with a long list of local POI's. Take advantage of this feature and look for local POI's as your driving by. Building this into your journey can add a little bit of time, but you may find something interesting that you never knew was there. There might be something around the corner you have wanted to do for ages but never got round to doing? If your going to be driving for 10 hours you might as well make it 11 and pack the journey full of excitement.

6) One for the adults. Practical jokes, truth or dare or something more kinky??? it doesn't matter providing you don't drive dangerously or put other drivers at risk. Simple jokes can provide hours of entertainment on the road and make a long journey feel like a quick one. What you do is up to you, but the more thought you put into it the funnier it will be!

7) Track you movement. Not that it will make your journey any quicker but maybe more interesting, you can purchase tracking devices that connect with Google earth which map your movements. Build up your online map and see where you've been before, which route you take most, and plan trips to destinations you haven't been before.

8) Take a Camera. Take pictures of the places you've travel past, tie in with POI's and build up your photo album of interesting place you've been to or travelled past.

If you can think of any more add them at the bottom.