7 Essentials to Pack for Your Journey of Success

 7 Essentials to Pack for Your Journey of Success

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As a speaker...

Is your intention to be a success?

Ever wondered, if success is a journey then have you taken a detour?

Are you frustrated and/or do you believe you still have untapped potential and that, perhaps, something vital is missing?

If you answered, "Yes" to one or all of these then welcome to the club. Many people, teams and organizations are intent on achieving peak performance, fulfilling their potential and achieving "success".

Perhaps, like me, you have heard the expression, "Success is a journey not a destination"? If that is true then you need to know two things up front. First is what's your definition of success and, second, what to pack?

Your Definition of Success

According to Collins Dictionary success is the achievement of something attempted; the attainment of wealth, fame or position; a person or thing that is successful.

Note, however, that these are general definitions. A key question to now ask is,

What is your definition of success specifically?

Whether you apply this to yourself, your team or your business, success will likely be defined differently. Why? Because the context will vary by role, experience, situation, market, sector etc.

Now before you go off and compare yourself to other speakers and how they are doing with respect to being a success (and don't say you haven't done this before) keep in mind that your experience, context and definition will be unique to you. You cannot truly compare apples with oranges, can you?

I am sure you have also heard others, or even yourself, state, "When I am successful, I will..." Right?

Well, take stock. Compared to most of the world you are way ahead already. If success is a journey which everyone in the world is travelling, you are further along than most. Instead of looking ahead and comparing yourself to those ahead of you (a possible lose:win perspective); look back occasionally and take some encouragement from just how far you have already travelled compared to the majority.

Everyone deserves to be a success. A true win/win perspective. Everyone has that potential.

Just define success clearly. What does it look like, think like, feel like and behave like? With that clarity you then have a personal standard with which to compare yourself.

Okay. Now that you have defined success...

What do you need to pack?

Your Packing List

Generally, it is said that we likely spend more time, planning a holiday than we do our own lives; our own success. Sad but, too often, true.

Keeping in mind a holiday, depending on your journey, where you are going will determine exactly what you need to pack. However, there will be always be core essentials. For a holiday that may well be passports, tickets, money, a change of underwear etc.

Regardless of your Journey of Success there are at least 7 essentials you must pack. They are key attributes which every successful person, team or organization have. Have all 7 and the odds are stacked in your favour - you will fulfil your definition.

Item #1

To ensure you stay on the right track for your success you need a strong and clear Vision. Without a clear vision how do you know where you are headed? A clear vision will keep you on the right route.

Item #2

To ensure others will help you be a success you need to be abounding in Passion. Passion is contagious. You must spread it so that others along the way will help you along your journey. Who are those others? Well, a speaker needs clients. A team or organisation needs everyone to work synergistically - employees and other stakeholders.

Item #3

To definitely help you maintain momentum on your Journey you need Commitment. Absolute commitment. Try is not an option. Try gives you an opt-out clause. Just do.

Item #4

To continue to grow and to progress your journey you must be prepared to Change and Learn. Change is inevitable; growth is optional. You must embrace change on your Journey. Then, and only then, will you grow to your potential, reach your destination and be the success you are meant to be.

Item #5

To prevent a traffic jam, slow down or a detour on your journey you must be Decisive. Missed opportunities are often the result of indecision or procrastination. The more decisive you become the better decisions you will make. You will be fine-tuning your intuition and decision-making.

Item #6

To know the success others enjoy you must take Action. Once a decision is made act on it. Speed is of the essence. To get to where you are going you need to move. Just ask Usain Bolt.

Item #7

To keep going when things get tough or don't go the way you planned you need to have Fun. When you are doing what you are passionate about, fun should be synonymous - even when things get tough. It keeps things in perspective and when we are having fun, solutions and answers come easier because we are operating from a place of positive energy. Like attracts like.

So... Pack all seven. These will catalyse your success and further your Journey. If you do not have these and/or you do not have these items "packed" in strength then you now know at least what's missing.

In conclusion consider this. Success is the journey of a lifetime - yours. So what's your definition? Make the most of it. What are you going to pack? Pack right. Have fun. Enjoy the Journey.

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