Exciting, Tourists Are Invited to Space by Air Balloon

 Space companies are in a race to build rockets to carry tourists. One of them offers a more unique vehicle, a hot air balloon.

Taking a hot air balloon into space, is not just a fantasy. Quoting the Daily Mail UK, Sunday (21/2/2021), a start-up based in Spain, Zero 2 Infinity, offers tourists flying above an altitude of 130,000 feet into space.

Yes, not riding a rocket like astronauts in general, but a helium balloon with a diameter of 128 meters!

The journey will last for six hours. The details, the trip is divided into three hours of departure, one hour in space and one hour back to earth. The idea of ​​flying with a hot air balloon has been planned since 2009.

Zero 2 Infinity carried out its first test in 2012 by sending a humanoid in a capsule attached to a balloon, then sending it into space.

Then, five years later, the company deployed its first prototype called the Bloostar, which was an airplane consisting of a balloon and a rocket. The balloon manages to bring the rocket to an altitude, where the engine can start and eventually fly into space.

"We have capsules, permits, insurance and a strategy," said Zero 2 Infinity CEO Jose Mariano Lopez-Urdiales.

"Spain has everything to be a leader in space tourism, it has the company and the technology," he added.

Prior to departure, passengers will undergo two days of safety training and eat their favorite food. Well, for this amazing service and trip it will cost around USD 132,000 or around IDR 1.8 billion.

Zero 2 Infinity is not the only company that offers space travel by hot air balloon, Space Perspectobe announced that they are developing the Spaceship Neptune which accommodates nine people and a mini bar.

Flight testing will be conducted at the beginning of the year and tickets will be sold in 2024 at a lower price than Zero 2 Infinity, which is USD 125,000 or around IDR 1.7 billion.

Traveler, interested in taking a hot air balloon into space?

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