Intention to Return Home, This Guy Even Fined Hundreds of Millions

Britain has tightened travel rules. However, the four youths were so naughty that they were fined.

It requires that all those arriving or returning to the UK are required to report travel details. This protocol applies to everyone, especially those who come by air.

Quoted from the Guardian, Sunday (21/2/2021), four plane passengers at Birmingham Airport were arrested for being dishonest. They do not want to tell the airport staff the origin of the flight.

They did not mention it on purpose. Because, it turns out that they have just come from a country that is considered the Covid-19 red list of the 33 Coronavirus red countries made by the UK.

This data is one of the ways to trace people entering the UK to make it easier to reduce the rate of spread of Corona virus infection.

No matter how hard you hide the carcass, the smell will smell too. Likewise with these four men.

"So there were some people trying to hide their route but it didn't work," said Chris Todd, interim assistant to the West Midlands police chief.

In the process, four passengers who had just arrived at Birmingham Airport had to pay a fine as a penalty. They have to spend up to 10,000 euros or around Rp. 169 million.

In addition to recording the origin of the traveler's country who has just arrived, the British government also requires people who come to self-quarantine at hotels.

This policy regulates all British citizens and permanent residents of the UK from 33 countries to stay in hotel isolation for 10 days. In addition, they are also required to take a Covid-19 test.

Anyone who provides false information regarding this rule will face up to 10 years in prison.

For quarantine locations, the British government has signed contracts with 16 hotels. There will be 5,000 rooms available close to UK airports. In addition, there are 58,000 more rooms that are alerted if demand soars.

The 11-night quarantine will be charged € 1,750. This fee includes transportation, food, accommodation and security, as well as Covid-19 testing and services.

Before entering the UK, they must also show negative Covid-19 test results which are valid for 3 days and order the quarantine package. Covid-19 tests will be routinely carried out on the second and eighth day of the quarantine period.

Meanwhile, tourists from countries included in the red list are not allowed to enter the UK. Some of the countries on this list are South America, South Africa, and Portugal.

Travelers who test positive at the airport will be charged an additional 152 euros per day.

"It is currently illegal to travel abroad for holidays. We hope people who come from one of the red list countries can cover their costs," said Boris Johnson, UK PM.

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