Not Malls or Gyms, Safest Indoor Places in Pandemic Times ... Museums

German researchers call the room the safest during the Corona virus pandemic. They say it's a museum, how come?

As reported by Fox News, Saturday (27/2/2021), researchers from the Berlin Institute of Technology (TU Berlin) in Germany, activities inside the museum are the safest indoor activities during the Covid-19 pandemic. Hence, they recommend travelers who are bored at home to visit the museum, not the mall.

Based on research conducted, the risk of Covid-19 infection through aerosol particles is much lower in museums than in supermarkets, restaurants, offices and public transportation.

The variables considered are the quality of the air flow, the type of activity carried out in the room, and the amount of aerosol particles inhaled by people in the room.

But, they still reminded the museum not by crowding.

"What is clear from this research is that with a lot of people congregating in a confined space, not having adequate ventilation, it will always be an unfortunate situation," said Martin Kriegel, who helped lead the research.

Yes, since the Corona pandemic, indoor activities have decreased while outdoor activities have increased rapidly. That was after the transmission of the Corona virus was associated with warnings about the dangers of contracting the virus while being around other people while in the room.

The study also says shopping for food, eating indoors or working out at the gym is at least twice as risky as visiting a museum to view art.

Celeste DeWald, executive director of the California Museum Association, told the New York Times earlier this month about her concerns over the museum's existence.

"It's sad to see bustling shopping malls and retail spaces and airports, but museums are completely closed and many have not been able to reopen all of them over the past 10 months," he said.

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