Three Baby Bears Survived the Gas Leak, but Separated from Their Mother

 Three baby bears living in a hole in one of the homes in Tennessee survived the gas leak. After being evacuated, they must be separated from their mother.

Fox News reported Sunday (21/2/2021), building control officers were surprised to find a large hole in an inn in Tennessee. Even more surprising, there were three baby bears in it.

It started when the home owner of Sevier County, a popular tourist area in Tennessee, repeatedly reported gas leaks in his home. Upon closer inspection, it seemed that there was a large hole under the house.

Apparently, the hole was inhabited by a large bear under the house. They also call wildlife rescuers.

Based on these findings, construction control officers and wildlife handlers suspect the gas leak was caused by the mother bear. Most likely, the mother bear crawled into the hole used as a nest and nudged the gas cable.

"The space under the house is not a good place for a bear den, especially if there is a gas leak," said an animal rescuer on condition of anonymity.

"There is no way to know if the gas is injuring the bear, no way to repair the gas line safely while the bear is at home, and no way to keep the house warm and livable without repairing the gas lines," he added.

Hence, they agreed to remove the bear by any means and as soon as possible. However, it was too late to coax the bear out of the hole.

The animal rescuer came to the house again the next day. In the process, the bear was persuaded to leave the hole.

Apparently, he found another surprise. In the hole, there are three baby bears.

The wildlife rescuer couldn't get rid of the baby bear and let it live in the wild. She worried that the cubs would not be as tough as their mothers to endure the cold weather in the hole.

The wildlife rescuer finally took the cubs to the University of Tennessee School of Veterinary Medicine. The doctor also examined the bears and declared their condition fine.

The bears are then transferred to Appalachian Bear Rescue. They also named the bears Jasmine, Jeannie, and Magic Bear.

Unfortunately, it is very unlikely that the cubs will be reunited with their mothers. Instead, they hope to find another mother bear who might be able to care for them.

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