Hawaii Records Highest Number of Tourists During Pandemic

After being troubled about opening and closing tourism, the number of tourists in Hawaii continued to increase. There is a record being recorded.

Based on data from the Honolulu Star-Advertiser, around 26,400 trans-pacific and inter-island tourists were screened by the Safe Travels Hawaii program on Saturday (13/3/2021). This number is Hawaii's busiest day since the coronavirus curbs caused the tourism sector to plummet last year.

The Hawaii Tourism Authority indicates that around 18,700 tourists come to Hawaii on Saturday for vacation.

According to the Transportation Security Administration, Friday (12/3) was the busiest screening day since March 15, 2020. Nearly 1.36 million people passed through airport checkpoints in the United States.

The increase in the number of tourists in Hawaii coincides with spring and vaccinations that have been implemented in various countries. On Friday, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that more than 100 million coronavirus vaccines were administered.

"I feel very happy to have traveled here. You are very conscious of taking tests. If they have not been tested they must be quarantined," said visitor from Los Angeles who arrived Monday in Honolulu, Hawaii, Jackie Bornstein.

Jackie said he had been vaccinated and believed he came to Hawaii because of the state's testing program and low infection rates.

"I'm here for eight days. No doubt I'll be back," said Bornstein.

But the number of tourist arrivals in Hawaii is still far from before the Covid-19 pandemic. In 2019, Hawaii reached 10.4 million arrivals.

"Hotels are experiencing continuous improvement throughout the summer, which we think could reach a 50% occupancy rate. We heard from guests that they wanted to travel and Hawaii is probably the most trusted destination," said Head of KV & Hospitality Consulting Association, Keith Vieira.

But Hawaii tourism will be hard to return to in years past. International tourists play an important role in the rise of tourism.

"We will not return to 2019 levels even in 2022 because we did too many group cancellations," he added.

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