Public Vehicle Innovation in Japan


Japan has just created an vehicle innovation Advanced technology that makes human mobility in Japan easier and faster. Yes, because Japan is a country of people who like to work hard, creative and imaginative, so the matter of time is certainly very valuable.

For those who are curious, actually as sophisticated as what public vehicle innovation in japan, here are some examples of Japanese transportation that already has the most advanced and qualified technology to become a world reference.

Public Vehicle Innovation in Japan

·         Super fast train

When it comes to transportation in Japan, the name of the super-fast train cannot be separated. In this country, there are several railroad companies that dominate transportation throughout the country.

One of the largest is the Japan Railway which operates the Tokyo commuter station which stops at the station every 1.5 minutes. There is also a shinkansen, known to the world by bullet trains. It looks like a bullet. And the pace is super fast.

This technology is in the entire Japanese transportation network, both on the Tokaido Line, Sanyo Line, Tohoku Line and other networks in Japan. For tourists may have difficulty in using the machine. So you can wonder first or learn how to transport in Japan so that the trip remains smooth and not delayed due to confusion.

·         Bus

Transportation that uses technology next in Japan is buses. The use of buses as transportation in this country is very regular and on time schedule. It's never too late for the bus. One minute late, you will get complaints from passengers.

Here there are categories of city buses and tour buses. The facilities in it are very convenient for the use of japanese people and tourists. Although you could say that the price is quite expensive, which is 200 to 300 yen. But this vehicle can be an alternative to a super-fast fire or a bullet train that costs more tickets.

·         Ferry

Japan's transportation technology also includes sea transportation. In Japan ferries are public vehicles used for sea. Japanese ferries are not as fast as trains. However it is very helpful and more profitable than a train or bus. The number is also very much so that it can meet all the needs of its people.

Dual-mode vehicle (DMV) made in Japan

The innovation was first public on Saturday in Japan's Tokushima Prefecture. Dmv characteristics look like a minibus that can run on regular rubber tires on the highway. But, when it arrives at the intersection, steel wheels can be lowered from the body of the vehicle to the tracks, the train, thus effectively turning the vehicle into a train carriage. The steel wheels will come out and lift the front wheel part of the vehicle.

The rear rubber wheels will remain left below to push the DMV onto the railway line. The CEO of Asa Coast Railway company that operates the DMV, Shigeki Miura, said the vehicle was expected to help improve transport services in small towns like Kaiyo with an aging and dwindling population. Thank you for reading the International News-themed article about public vehicle innovation in japan, hopefully for the people who read it.

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