The Hilarious and Nosy Behavior of Queen Elizabeth II


queen elizabeth ll has many long-lived tips. Perhaps one of his habits is that the head of state of the British Empire has a humorous nature. queen elizabeth ll is now 95, approaching the age of a century. However, he never gets tired of making jokes and even acting funny.

The joke her make was even able to melt the atmosphere when several state guests felt tense visiting Buckingham Palace, England. Here are seven hilarious behaviors and the words of queen elizabeth ll.

The Hilarious and Nosy Behavior of Queen Elizabeth II

During her reign, Queen Elizabeth II implemented a number of lifestyle changes to make it more environmentally friendly. Then What did Queen Elizabeth II do to support her lifestyle?, here are some summaries.

·         Cameo with Daniel Craig at Olympic Opening

Queen Elizabeth II made a cameo with Daniel Craig, who played James Bond, in the opening of the Olympics in 2012. In the opening, the Queen was seen 'jumping' from a helicopter towards the London stadium. However, the Queen didn't actually jump from the helicopter.

·         Australian hockey player hit by Queen Elizabeth II photobomb

The Queen once nosyly took a photobomb to an Australian hockey player who was taking a selfie. The Queen suddenly entered into the background of the player's selfie. The photo was taken during the 2014 Commonwealth Games. One of these lucky hockey players is Jayde Taylor. He posted the photo on Twitter.

·         Queen Elizabeth II cuts cake with an upside-down sword

The Queen showed off her sword skills while cutting a cake at a luncheon organised by education charity Eden Project in June. Uniquely, he flipped the sword's eyes to cut the cake on the show. The lunch comes as the Queen visits organisers of The Big Lunch during the G7 summit in Cornwall.

·         Thrown Eggs by Protesters, but made Joking

While visiting New Zealand in 1986, the Queen and Prince Philip were pelted with eggs by protesters. Later, at a state banquet, the Queen said: "New Zealand has long been known for its dairy products, although I have to say I prefer my New Zealand eggs to breakfast."

What is Queen Elizabeth II's eco-friendly lifestyle like?

1.      Reusing Used Goods

The Queen's frugal ways have been well documented by historians and royal biographers. In her 2012 book, Young Elizabeth: The Making Of Our Queen, author Kate Williams claims that the Queen often reuses wrapping paper."After Christmas, Elizabeth would collect wrapping paper and ribbons and smooth them out for storage. It was a habit that continues to this day," Williams wrote.

2.      Making Your Own Honey

Buckingham Palace is home to four Italian honeybee hives, two of which have been around since 2009 and two since 2010. The nests are kept on an island in the middle of a lake in a grass-covered garden to give them direct access to about 350 species of wildflowers and 600 plants.

In the first year, bees produce 83 bottles of honey. Thank you for reading the International News-themed article about the hilarious and nosy behavior of queen elizabeth ll, hopefully for the people who read it.

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