Guide to Travel to Country of America

Although the price of tickets is quite expensive, not a few Indonesians dream of vacation. It is also important to guide the first new beginner traveling. If soon your dream is realized and immediately go on vacation there, you need to read the following guide to America for beginners, so that your vacation will be a memorable experience.

Uncle Sam's country is indeed one of the attractions of traveling the world. It is called super power because of its armed forces which became no.1 in the world. To travel to America, you may need to save a lot to realize your dreams. And it would be great if you are in America to work and take the time to travel alone or with friends.

Guide to traveling to Country of America

·         Visit time

The best visiting times are in summer and winter. But in other seasons it is also no less interesting, really. For example, if you visit America in autumn, you will be amazed by the beauty of the leaves that fall in the gardens, especially in Central Park.  In addition to the season, you can set the visit time based on the cheapest ticket price or based on your first destination city.

·         Set up a Visa

After determining the time of your visit and booking tickets and accommodation, the next step you should do is prepare documents for visa management. Since your goal to the United States is for a vacation, you'll need to take care of a nonimmigrant visa.

·         Plan your trip

This route will be better if you do it for 3-4 weeks. However, if you only have 11 days of vacation time, then you must buy a ticket to Go to New York and a return ticket from San Francisco.

How to save money when traveling to America?

1.      Buy Holiday Tickets Between February – April

When vacationing abroad, usually airlines have ticket costs that vary from one month to another. This price depends on how high the interest of tourists to visit the country. For those of you who want to vacation in America, February to April is the most appropriate time choice. Because, in that month plane tickets to uncle Sam's country are at the cheapest number. And once entering May, airfares will be high again as they begin to enter summer time.


2.      Visit cheap destinations

There are many tourist destinations that you can visit during a vacation to America. Some of them do not cost money or expensive entrance tickets. You can even find interesting tourist destinations with free admission.

Popular tourist destinations are very interesting, but usually, the cost of admission is quite expensive. Therefore, there is no harm in trying anti-mainstream tourist destinations as long as you are in America.

3.      Use the right credit card

The proper use of a credit card will greatly help you to keep travel costs down. One of them is by using a special credit card traveling. This credit card will be very helpful during your trip. Especially if you are a person who likes to travel and regularly travel regularly. Thank you for reading the Travelling-themed article about guide to traveling to country of america, hopefully for the people who read it.

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