Important Things to Travel Abroad

Traveling abroad for the first time is often a scary thing. Relax, the trip will be smooth if you prepare all the equipment carefully. Take your time now to travel, so you can refresh abroad. Take a walk by the side of the road and munch on local food that seems fun.

To help you prepare for the things that matter while traveling abroad, here is a checklist of things to keep in mind before starting. Schedule everything precisely and neatly, you no longer need to be confused during the trip.

Important things To travel abroad

·         Passport

Passport is the most important thing to accompany your trip while abroad. Without a passport you will not be allowed in. That's why it's important that you bring a passport. Make a passport at the immigration office.

·         Bring an International Adapter

Abroad, an awful lot of things are different from the most trivial that people might forget, is the adapter. Abroad, each country has a different type of adapter. Carrying an international adapter in a backpack will make it easy for you to charge your phone, camera, and other gadgets.

·         Learn the Language of the Country You're Speaking to

It is true that the international language is English. However, your fluency in English feels a little pointless when you have to communicate with locals who can't speak English in the slightest. Learn a little local language. In addition to helping communication, at least greeting them with the local language can bring you closer to the locals there.

·         Bring a Credit Card and Debit Card

Traveling abroad with cash in a bag is very dangerous. To anticipate the unwanted, you better bring a credit card and debit card. Some travelers prefer to keep their debit card at the hotel and bring a credit card during their walk. Why? Because when you have to lose your credit card, you can immediately contact your bank. In addition, you can still be calm, because you still keep a debit card at the hotel.


What is each country's passport like?

1.      Green passport cover

Muslim-majority countries choose green passport covers. (although not all, because South Korea is green.) According to Boghossian, the selection of green by the Muslim country is due to religious reasons. Green is believed to be a favorite color of the Prophet Muhammad SAW. Some countries that have a green passport include Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Morocco and Indonesia.

2.      Burgundy red passport cover

The burgundy red passport cover color is chosen by european union (EU) countries as the identity of the country's unity. Turkey changed the cover of its passport to burgundy in order to join the European Union. There are also those who consider, the burgundy red cover on the passport shows that the country used to embrace communistism.

3.      Blue passport cover

While a passport with a blue cover generally symbolizes a new country. This blue passport is owned by several countries in North America, South America, and Oceania. Thank you for reading the Travelling-themed article about important things to traveling abroad, hopefully for the people who read it.

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