Some Tips for Traveling to Japan

  Lately, the charm of Sakura Country is increasingly famous due to the number of tourists who compete traveling to Japan. The beauty of cherry blossoms in spring, exciting game rides, until the life of Japanese people can bewitch the hearts of tourists, including tourists from Indonesia.

Just like other vacations, traveling to Japan also require considerable funds. Moreover, Japan is one of the countries in Asia with a high cost of living, making many tourists think twice when they want to come to the sakura country. If you want a vacation to Japan, but are hindered by budget, do the tips below.

Some tips for traveling to Japan

·         Staying at a hotel

The names of hotels and hostels are almost similar. However, both offer different facilities and prices. The price of staying in a hostel is much cheaper than a hotel. The price difference can reach two to three times.

Given the limited budget of the holiday, staying in a hostel is the best choice because the cost of lodging is much cheaper. The fees paid are also much cheaper if you rent a hostel in one week at a time.

·         Don't carry a lot of luggage.

Suitcases become the enemy of bubuyutan when traveling abroad, especially during long vacations. There are many tools and tools that need to be carried. However, choose the most needed equipment when traveling. For example, clothes, shoes, underwear, and towels.

·         Use a Credit Card During the Holidays

To cut vacation costs, you can use a credit card. However, Indonesian-issued credit cards cannot be used carelessly in Sakura Country. You must activate the credit card first so that it can be used in Japan. The trick is to contact the credit card issuing bank one week before the departure date.

·         Bring Enough Souvenirs

Vacationing in Japan feels incomplete without souvenirs. In Japan, there are many souvenir shops that you can visit. The price of souvenirs is also very affordable. However, do not get carried away with the price of cheap souvenirs because you have a limited luggage capacity. If the baggage is overloaded, you have to pay a lot to buy additional baggage.

What are some interesting facts about traveling?

1.      Music Concerts or Cultural Festivals

In addition to promos and the holiday season, other factors that make people decide to travel are certain events that want to be visited as much as 28.8% and invitations by friends as much as 25.1% of the 3,217 total respondents.

2.      The beauty of local tourism will always be at heart

Evident from this survey the most visited tourist destinations after the island of Java are NTB, NTT, Bali (46.3%) and for foreign countries themselves there are still many who choose to go to countries in Asia like Japan (46.4%).

3.      It's No Longer The Time to Pay Cash

A total of 58.1% prefer to use debit cards as a means of payment, 32% with credit cards and the rest with credit cards that have promos and installment programs. The ease of the cashless concept makes travelers feel more comfortable using card payments and do not want to bother carrying cash everywhere. Thank you for reading the Travelling-themed article about some tips for traveling to japan, hopefully for the people who read it.

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