The Best Tourist Attraction In Japan

One of the tourist attractions in Japan. It is due to its many unique blends of tradition and modernity with many temples and buildings from the past, along with modern achievements in architecture and technology.  Visitors can immerse themselves in the history and culture of Japan one day and look to the future through further technological developments.

Almost all historical tourist attractions are still used for their original purposes while still open to the public. The natural beauty of Japan can be seen throughout the year. In addition, Japan has one of the lowest crime rates in the world, making it ideal for travelers. A review of the best tourist destinations in Japan:

The best tourist attractions in Japan

·         Kiyomizu-dera

Kiyomizu-dera Buddhist Temple is located in the eastern part of Kyoto and can be traced back to 798. The indoor waterfall, which comes from the outer river, keeps the temple in harmony with nature and no single spikes are used in its construction.

While locals used to jump out of the water to ask for permission (with a survival rate of 85.4%), modern visitors can enjoy temples and ornaments and artwork on display without endangering lives or limbs.

·         Himeji Castle

Himeji Temple is considered the best example of Japanese temple architecture. It was fortified to defend against the enemy during the feudal period, but was rebuilt several times over the centuries and reflects a different era of design.

It survived World War II bombing and is often seen in local and foreign films, including the James Bond film You Only Live Twice. The white exterior design makes the temple look like a flying bird, dubbed the "white heron Castle".

·         Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower is a testament to technological advances and modern life. Inspired by the design of the Eiffel Tower, it is the second tallest man-made structure in Japan and serves as a communication and observation tower. Visitors can climb the tower to see unparalleled views of Tokyo and the surrounding area, as well as visit shops and restaurants. 

What Reasons You Have to Visit japan?

1.      Fun Destinations

What you're looking for while on vacation is to find a new destination. In Japan, you won't run out of places to visit while you're here. You have heard of many famous destinations such as Disneyland, Disney Sea, Tokyo Tower, Fushimi Inari, Asakusa Temple. You can try other goals that are not widely disclosed. Like Amanohashidate, explore Miyajima or visit Kifune Temple.

2.      One of the safest countries

Japan is famous for its Yakuza mafia. But did you know that Japan is the safest country in the world, even compared to the United States. You can shop in the middle of the night without worrying, the people here also have a lot of respect for traffic signs.

3.      There's a lot of halal tourism.

For Muslims, you do not need to worry if traveling in the land of the rising sun. Halal tourism is booming there. You can find restaurants that offer halal menus. In addition, mosques began to appear in various places. Thank you for reading the Travelling-themed article about The best tourist attractions in japan, hopefully for the people who read it.

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