Things to Do When Traveling

Before visiting a new tourist spot, it's a good thing you know what things every traveler should do. It can make your trip even more memorable and unforgettable. Traveling is always sought after by travelers before starting vacation activities.

Because tips or preparation before traveling is very important to be calm when traveling. Especially if you are on vacation abroad or even out of town who have a scheduled stay. Here are some travel tips to do before leaving.

Things to do when traveling

·         Enjoy every time

Arriving at your first visit is interesting. However, you can pour that experience into writing so that you can feel its beauty again one day. Enjoy every time you're there. Keep your mind away from work or homework for a while.

·         Explore Every Corner of the Place

Don't travel without exploring every corner of the place you're visiting. You must be a 'tourist' to get unique moments that are diverse from the place. If traveling abroad, do not forget to visit the shops recommended by the tour guide. Don't be shy about asking locals to talk more about the country. You can make friends with local people who will take you around enjoying the beauty of their city or country.

·         Follow All Prepared Travel Schedules

Don't ignore the list of travel activities. If you travel using the services of an agent, there is no harm in following all schedules while there. A list of activities can make your traveling more organized and well planned. Therefore, do not miss any events contained in your itinerary.

·         Watch a Festival or Sporting Event that is Being Held

If you are traveling, do not miss the event that is being held, whether it is a sports match or an annual festival. This will provide an effective new experience on your journey. In addition to new experiences, you will gain a lot of knowledge.

·         Eating at a Famous Fast Food Restaurant

If you are traveling and you are not familiar with food in the country, just look for fast food restaurants whose network is around the world. In addition to getting used to the food, the price offered is relatively more affordable.

What to do when solo traveling?

1.      Follow where the locals are going

The locals are the guide to the "hidden paradise". They know a place that even National Geographic may never have touched.

2.      Appetite control

Trying the typical culinary destinations we visit is mandatory, but that does not mean it should all be tried at one time. Experience while solo traveling in Jogja, I wasted 2 days in the inn due to diarrhea after trying joss coffee, glutinous ice tape and gudeg simultaneously.

3.      Learn trivial tips

For women, for example, learn how to use sunblock on your back alone. It's trivial, but important.

4.      Dress properly

Being a tourist is not always good. Sometimes it creates distance from local people. Thank you for reading the Travelling-themed article about things to do when traveling, hopefully for the people who read it.

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